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Maungatapere is a gem of a place.

We are hoping, (we being those who are passionate about this little slice of New Zealand), we are hoping that you might also discover this place, spend some time with us, and enjoy the people and the treasures to be found.

The link page has some local services and businesses worth checking out, but really, this site is not just about business, and the commerce of the world. It’s about a place where people live and have lived, a place with a past and a future. It is in fact a treasure trove, and maybe not seen by the many who pass thru it en route somewhere else. It’s a place where maybe some who live there have lost a vision for what it could become, or the truth about what it is now.

All of us have our blind spots.

We want to unpack the gift for you.



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Once Upon A Time Out West

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