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April 5th Market News



I am pasting here an email from Geoff re the market and any questions people may have relating to legality of the market at Easter and general guidelines.


Hi all,
           looking forward to our next Market day on Sunday 5 April. Welcome to the new stall holders.
Given it is daylight saving changeover please don’t arrive too early!! Anytime from 8.00am onwards daylight saving adjusted time.
After having had a discussion with two staff at the Department of Labour I understand that we meet relevant criteria of the ‘Shop Trading Hours Repeal Act (1990)’ and are able to trade on Easter Sunday because we are associated with an outdoor/indoor Art Exhibition which recognises Maungatapere agricultural environs, land, dairy factory and the local people connected to them.  This show is being curated on-site by Gallery 259.
The arrangements for those who are not familiar is to unload and set up prior to 8.30am so that the market is up and running before 9.00am.  To set up just drive into the car parking space between the office Cafe and the Dairy factory.  Those who need power this is available through the door into the dairy factory but see me on the day and I will show you.  For those with marquee’s please make sure these are anchored securely particularly if its windy.  Please familiarise yourself with the stall layout (attached), so you know where your space is allocated.
Please park your vehicles in the parking area on the Whangarei side of the Dairy Factory and the Bike repair shop after setting up.  Graeme Dickeson will ensure the gate is open for us.  We will likely have cones around to stop customers parking in front of the new stalls located on the SH 14 road frontage so we avoid any pedestrian/vehicle conflict.  We have a number of signs to display which acknowledge the market.  We are distributing flyers on Thursday 2 April via the Rural delivery who are assisting us on a for free basis given the community nature of this particular market.  So please show Barbara, Sharon and Warren some generosity should they turn up at your stall *:) happy.   I will come around to collect the $15 stall holder fee from all stall holders during the market.
If you have any questions please either email me back or give me a call on 434 7798.
Cheers, and looking forward to seeing you all on the day.
Geoff Mansell
027 434 7041

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