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  1. Liz Liz
    February 16, 2015    


    We’d love it if we could be added to the site somewhere please :)

    And we’ll be promoting this site & the markets on our Facebook page as well.


    • Admin Admin
      February 16, 2015    

      Done. Liz. Thanks for your support, and we support you too. We could look at a Kara Hall Page and you can update it and post what you need to there. Or are you more about the area etc. Will add the links.

  2. Geoff Mansell Geoff Mansell
    February 18, 2016    

    Hi Graham, you have done a splendid job on this platform thanks so much!!

    • Admin Admin
      February 18, 2016    

      Cheers Geoff, in the busyness of life I have neglected it a bit….but a determination for 2016 is to be more active here.
      Encourage people to comment and post, and maybe the fire will grow.

      You to have done wonderful things for the market………..and I thank you too.

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